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Killer Pizza! It’s a book! (Seriously)

I about died laughing when I saw this book on the shelves at the Tucker Free Library.  One of my librarian friend in Virginia has been on hold for this book for a while now, so I figured I would be a good friend and read it first, then lord that fact over him.  The title was enough to peak my interest, and has a die hard horror movie fan, I knew I needed to read this book.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.

We start the book by meeting our main character, Toby.  Slightly over weight, kind of a loner/loser, he is not your typical supernatural teen.  He’s not even very supernatural come to think of it.  Toby initially gets a job as a pizza maker in the Killer Pizza shop to get a head start on his big dream: to become a celebrity chef.  Toby and his fellow co-workers, Strobe and Anna soon become a finely tuned pizza making machine.  All this great work leads their boss to one obvious conclusion, they will be the next team of Monster Hunters Killer Pizza trains.

From then on, nothing in our intrepid groups life is normal.  They soon come to realize that their town is slowly being invaded by the Guttata, a group of creatures who are somewhere between a werewolf and a gargoyle, and extremely vicious.  There attacks are what drive the monster hunters in training to improve their skills, though there are times when Toby doubts that he is cut out for this line of work.  Can a tubby kid who dreams of being a chef really have what it takes to bring down a pack of monsters?  Will he save his friend Anna and rescue the bitten Chelsea from the brink of monsterdom?  Most importantly, will he ever create a signature recipe good enough to go on the Killer Pizza menu?