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Doublespeak and big brother.

So this weekend I may or may not have dressed up as a zombie librarian and shuffled through streets scaring people. If you did see my awesomely bloody visage and it frightened you, I would be sorry but that was totally what I meant to do! Before I ran around as a zombie, I did have the time to read a fabulous new dystopia book that we just added to our collection here at the Tucker Free. I highly recommend coming on over to check it out!

Scored by Lauren McLaughlin takes place in a world that is pretty much identical to where we live now. Parents still work, kids go to school, and everyone lives in harmony for the most part. Well, the kids live in harmony as long as they hang out with their score group and maintain their scores no matter the cost. See in this future, a private corporation decided that if kids were scored based on the choices they made and the friends they had, they would work harder to be better. If you score above a 90, then college is paid for and you are pretty much set for life. Score below a 70, and you can kiss all your hopes and dreams goodbye. Imani has always been an above 90 girl. Her best friend Cady, was in the 90s once, but has fallen to the low 70s and it does not look like she will be able to move her scored up anytime soon. You are supposed to stick with your score gang. Imani is supposed to hang out with the other 90s. But how do you forget your best friend? How does some faceless corporation who is watching your every move decided that one person’s actions affect you, even if you have no idea that they were doing something. More importantly, how do you deal with an unscored boy deciding that he wants your help to take down a system that holds the key to changing your future?

Fledging Writers?

Are you looking for a place to publish original poetry or stories? How about submitting it to an online literary journal?

Check it out for yourself:

“Welcome to YARN.   Our mission is to publish the highest quality creative writing for young adult readers, ages 14-18, and those in other age groups who enjoy young adult lit.  Published quarterly, YARN will feature short fiction and creative essays, poetry, and an author interview.  Our interactive sections will allow for discussions about published work, as well as reviews of recent YA books.  We seek to discover new teen writers, and publish them alongside established writers of the YA genre.

Our debut issue will go live in Winter 2010”

For further info, and to read up on YARN submission guidelines, go to their website

One of the coolest feature I noticed about YARN is that they will have a “What We’re Reading Now” series where every month the editors will host an online discussion about what teens are reading. Very cool.

Are You A Writer?

YA  Literature Review is hosting a writing contest for teens ages 12-17. The contest rules are here and you have until November 30th to enter. Contest winners will be selected and notified by December 30th.  The first place winner will recieve a signed copy of Scott Westerfeld’s Special and will be published in YA Literature Reivew’s first print copy issue.