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Some very independent ladies, a boat, an iron dagger and first kisses.

So we have a double feature for you lucky readers today!  Two amazing books for the price of nothing!  All you have to do is come down to the library and check them out!  Isn’t that wonderful?  Shall I tell you about these amazing reads now?  I think I will.


First up we have Huntress by Malinda Lo.  Anyone who has read her other book, Ash, will be thrilled to read this prequel.  Haven’t read Ash?  Well we have it here, so now you can read both books without having to wait for the other to be released!  Huntress is the tale of a land whose balance has been thrown off kilter.  The sun has not shone in quite some time, crops are failing and people are getting desperate.  And that is only in the human world.  The Xi are suffering as well.  When the Queen of the Xi extends an invitation to the human king, it will be the first time that a human has crossed into Xi lands since a truce was called centuries ago.  The king cannot go, but sends his son in his sted.  Accompanying the prince are three bodyguards, and two very special girls.  Taisin and Kaede are from The Academy, a school that trains women in the ways of magic.  Taisin has what it takes to become a sage, and she looks forward to it very much.  Kaede has no such talent, and just wants to see the world, this trip being the best opportunity for that dream to come true.  What Kaede does not know is that Taisin keeps having visions of her rowing across an icy lake to her death.  In these visions, Taisin is also very much in love with Kaede.  Can this group of travelers make it across the border of Xi and save two worlds before it all ends?


Our next book is Stay by Deb Caletti.  Dramatic and funny and romantic all rolled up into one neat package.  Clara and her father move to Bishop Rock to get away from Clara’s obsessed ex-boyfriend Christian.  Clara is supposed to get a job and start reapplying to colleges, get her life back on track.  Her father, meanwhile, is going to spend his time working on his next novel.  All in all, it is supposed to be a relaxing summer of fun an rediscovery.  Clara settles in just fine, getting a job at the lighthouse and making friends with a few of the locals, including one very hunky boy with a boat.  Unfortunately, Christian’s obsession with possessing Clara did not end with her moving away.  With an ex who is determined to find her at any cost, how is Clara supposed to ever live her life without a shadow of fear following her?


Blood AND flowers?! Sign me up!

New books are starting to trickle into the Tucker Free Library much like water is slowly trickling into my house.  The books, however, are much less likely to cause water damage and are more likely to be awesome.  One such awesome book is Blood and Flowers by Penny Blubaugh.  I read it this weekend in between wading through that lake that is now my basement.  It was just the escape I needed.


Persia is a member of an amazing puppet troupe that performs renegade shows all over the city.  Why renegade shows you may ask?  Well, it is because members of their puppet troupe are of the fey persuasion and magic is a huge no-no.  Too many people tripping on Pixie Dust.  The elaborate shows they create are found by a loyal audience, and the rag-tag group of performers is happy working this way.  That is until one of the younger members of the group, Persia’s friend Lucia, starts questioning their methods.  Lucia escaped from a bad past by crossing over the borders into the realm of the faerie.  She wants more people to find the troupe and for their location to be more permanent.  With more people, comes more attention, and more problems.  Soon malicious gossip is surrounding the troupe and trouble is on the horizon.  With all of the gossip that is starting to surround the puppet troupe, escaping into the faerie realm does not sound like a bad idea.  But faerie land is not all magic and sunshine, there is a dangerous element lurking there as well.  Persia and her friends in the Outlaw Puppet Troupe need to keep on their toes to stay alive in this land, and find themselves wondering if this is a fair price to pay to save their art.


Penny Blubaugh’s writing is wonderful, especially her descriptions and characterizations.  Every character has a wonderful depth and meaning that makes it easy to get lost in their stories and really immerse yourself in the world she creates.  Persia is a great heroine, strong but not invincible, and the interactions within the puppet troupe are wonderful and believable.  I am glad to see a book about the supernatural that does not involve some girl developing a “special power” or tottering helplessly after a boy.  This clearly is a story about a rag-tag group of people who have become a family and create together, and no force, be it human or faerie is going to stop them.