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It’s a Creature Triple Feature!

We interrupt the newly created Time Travel Tuesday to bring you a breaking story:


That’s right loyal readers; today we have got a triple threat!  Two new books, ready and waiting for you at the Tucker Free Library.  Why the triple threat for only two books you ask?  Because while one book only features Vampires, the second book has both Unicorns and Zombies!  But first, let us discuss the vampires.

In the long awaited finale to the much loved Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Twelfth Grade Kills is an amazing adventure that should definitely satisfy.  After the cliff-hanger of an ending that was the fourth book, I have been on pins and needles waiting for the action to continue and explanations to be given.  All I have to say is that Ms. Brewer did not let me down, in fact, she even raised the stakes (First vampire pun of the review!).  Not that I expect my books to be wrapped up in a neat little bow, with everyone getting a happy ending, but all the questions you would want answered are answered, and in a way that makes sense.

The pacing of this book is phenomenal, and I would highly advise that when you read it, you read it when you have a large chunk of time on your hands.  It was all I could do to put the book down, I am even guilty of sneaking reads of it during work, but keep that info on the down low.  Brewer’s characters are just so rich, well-written and compelling that it makes it easy to become swept up and involved in their affairs.  I also like my vampires to have bite, and these vampires definitely are ones I can sink my teeth into (I do believe I may be up to three vampire puns by now).  Still essentially human, with the right amount of animalistic bloodlust, plus a secret society that makes sense?  Kudos Ms. Brewer, for managing to breathe life into a subject that runs the risk of being played out and run into the ground (Four!).

Definitely a must read if you have read the rest of the series.  This series is also worth checking out if you like characters that overcome insurmountable odds, love a well written fight scene, or like your romance to be more angst ridden than lovey-dovey.  This book will please you; I’ll stake my life on it (Five! Five vampire puns, ah, ah, ah!).

In the eternal debate between Zombies VS. Unicorns, you know what side I’m on.  It should be obvious from my passion for skulls, b-rated horror movies and horse back riding that all this librarian wants in her life is a Zombie Unicorn.  Best of both worlds, I can ride my undead mythical beast to work and no one would steal him because all he wants to do is eat brains.  But for those of you who feel compelled to decided, this book gives you a chance to read a choice selection of stories from some of the most well-known names in the Young Adult field.  Libba Bray ring a bell?  How about Meg Cabot?  And we cannot forget to mention Garth Nix and Cassandra Clare!  All these authors have joined forces, either with team Unicorn or Team Zombie, and have put pen to paper to come up with some of the most fantastic stories touting the superiority of their chosen creature.  There is a little something for everyone in this collection, be you a reader of heavy, gritty, unicorn gore or a connoisseur of light hearted zombie romance.  Each story is a delicious chunk of creative goodness, and as a bonus, you get a taste of each authors style and perspective.  Conveniently, the Tucker Free has many of these same authors’ books, so if you like what you read, there is more to devour.  There is too much to say about this book and not enough space for me to sing its praises.  I promise that by the end of this book you will have either sided with Team Unicorn, Team Zombie or Team They Are Both Awesome.  From this librarian’s perspective, that is a win-win situation.

Go Team Zombie Unicorn!