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So what if I am divergent?

Do you like dystopian novels?  Do you like action and adventure?  Tired of love triangles, and silly romances ruining the gritty world of a post-apocalyptic society? Then Veronica Roth’s new Divergent Trilogy is the series for you.

In Divergent, Beatrice Prior has lived her life trying to be as selfless as possible in the Abnegation faction.  Now she is forced to make a decision.  This is the first decision she will ever make completely on her own.  She must choose a faction. However, before she can choose a faction she must pass the exam.  The exam should help Beatrice make the right decision, but what happens when the test results come back inconclusive?  She is divergent.  She is warned divergent is not a good thing, but is given no additional information.  She is still allowed to choose a faction, but must never tell anyone her true fortune.  Beatrice is left with little information and an even harder decision.  Now the decision must be based on a gut feeling.   How will she know which is right?  Once on the stage at the Choosing Ceremony, she doesn’t think she acts… a classic characteristic of Dauntless.

Now an initiate for the Dauntless faction she is put through a series of test.  Her limits are tested, and her strength is found.  She knows she has chosen correctly.  But she is still divergent.  What does divergent mean?  How will it affect her training and the rest of her life as Dauntless?  If she fails, she will either be killed or factionless, living on the streets with nothing.  She must keep it a secret.

Once committed to Dauntless, she shortens her name to Tris and accepts the life she has chosen.  The more she learns about Dauntless the more she learns about the meaning of being divergent.  No matter what she encounters Tris never gives up.  When I say she never gives up, I mean it.  Tris never gives up.  She has to face her fears head on.  She willingly steps up the challenge in order to get stronger and braver.  Somehow Tris knows she will need to be brave in order to be selfless.  She figures out that some of her characteristics are deadly.  She learns how to combine the positive aspects of bravery and selflessness to fight as hard as she can for what she knows is right.

There is a little romance, but who doesn’t like a kiss every now and then?  The romance lightens the mood, and shows the softer side of Tris and the Dauntless world.  I was thoroughly impressed with Divergent.  I am more than tired of the love triangles.  It annoys me that ever young woman in a dystopian novel is more concerned about who she will kiss next than she is about the world collapsing.  Maybe it is Tris’ selfless attitude but she is one awesome heroine.  She stands up for what is right, while caring for those she loves.  Plus, those she loves would never expect her to take care of them first.  Every character has more to teach Tris than she could possibly imagine.  She grows and changes when other characters start to trust and love her.  Together, they fight for the greater good.  They all know what is right, and want good to win no matter what, just another refreshing quality of Divergent. 

Insurgent is the second title of the Divergent Trilogy.  There wasn’t much of a cliffhanger in Divergent, but there is more than a desire to keep reading.  The action is just beginning!