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Bibliography & Citations

Bibliography and Citations

I know. I know. This is probably the most torturous part of the entire experience of writing a research paper. However, we’re trying our best to make it as painless as possible. These are some great resources.

Writing a bibliography: MLA Format. Here are all the basics. For instance,  did you know that all MLA citations should use hanging indents?

 Start here for an introduction into the wondorous world of bibliographies, it’ll help. I promise.

Here’s the APA version if you are tasked with an APA style citation.

If you are supposed to cite in a specific style (ie MLA or APA) I have always found The Owl at Purdue straightforward and easy to understand.

If you are looking for MLA citation help, The MLA Citation Style  through Long Island University is color coded and visually helpful.

Also check out the University of Georgia’s MLA Citation Guide.

Duke University has a great page on assembling a list of works cited.  Reminder: you also are probably going to need a works cited page.


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