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So we got this book in May and no one has checked it out!? Shame.

Shame, shame, shame.  That such beautiful books, like rare and precious flowers, are being left to wither and die on the shelf while others bask in the light of a reader’s sunny smiling face.  It makes this librarian openly weep; ripping out my hair and crying “WHY!” into the heavens.  To end this torment, and because I was tired of people staring at me, I have decided to alert you to the presence of these books in our collection, and guilt you into checking them out.  The hope is that once you discover one previously undiscovered book, you will go on a frenzied search to uncover all of the hidden gems in the Tucker Free’s collection.  Today’s first undiscovered book: By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters.



This book is a fantastically crafted masterpiece that blends the thoughts and feelings of a girl who wishes to end her own life into a wonderful tapestry of reluctant interactions with parents and peers.  Daelyn has tried to kill herself twice before, and she has failed both times.  This time she promises herself that she will not fail, and sets about preparing herself for the end.  She cuts herself of emotionally from her family, and makes no effort to make friends at her new school.  When a boy starts bothering her out of the blue, Daelyn is completely confused.  After a lifetime of taunting and bullying, why would someone be paying attention to her now?  Daelyn’s decision to end her own life is not a random one, rather a decision based on the disappointment and pain her entire life has been.  What she never expects is to start slowly and reluctantly making connections with others, and to go from feeling a kinship with the people on, a website for “completers” , to feeling that they are nothing like her.  Can the friendship of one nerdy, kinda cute, but way weird boy be a turning point?  Or will she continue down the path towards her ultimate end?