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J. K. Rowling News!

So you want to hear some fantastic news? J.K. Rowling attended the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House where she read from The Sorcerer’s Stone (along with musical guests Justin Bieber and the cast of “Glee”)  and confirmed that there’s another book coming. Rowling is “quite sure in the not-too-distant future, I will bring out another book.” The even better news? She did not rule out the prospect that at some point she will write a new book which will be set in the Potter Universe!

Harry Potter News

Having been thinking popular series lately (Twilight anyone?) I think it’s high time we talk about perhaps my favorite series, Harry Potter for a few minutes.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (the movie) was released on DVD/blueray disc recently and it includes a sneak preview of the next movie installment in the series.

They have released the first picture still from the next Harry Potter movie, The Deathly Hollows Part I which will hit movie theatres next November. (fan squee: “I love Ron! I love Hermione! Oh! Harry’s there too! Cool”…I’ve always been an unabashedly vocal Ron/Hermoine shipper. I remember when Harry/Hermoine vs. Ron/Hermoine was the hotly debated couple in the literary world….circa before Jacob vs. Edward–Vampire vs. Wolf) 

Back on Topic: Yes, they are in fact dividing The Deathly Hollows into not one, but TWO movies. Part II is slated for release the following summer, in 2011.

First, let me give you a little  disclaimer, I have patently disliked the Harry Potter movies. To me the movies all too often were too dense and stifled with some many details I felt like I couldn’t enjoy the whimsy, wonder, and yes, danger of the books properly. I felt they suffered from “too much stuff” syndrome and that equaled BORING for me. (Furthermore, I blame the movies for turning friends of mine who had never read Harry Potter off to the books because they thought the movies were really dull. And vowed never to read the books.) I’m all for a movie adaptation being true to the book, but at 400, 500 pages I think it’s insane to think that everything will be included. So shouldn’t they stop trying? What do you guys think? Do any fans of the Harry Potter movies want to come to their defense? Am I horribly wrong? Opinions please! 

However, despite the fact that the only movie version of Harry Potter I’ve enjoyed has been The Prisoner of Azkaban (I appreciated it’s dark tone.) I’m excited for The Deathly Hallows.  I have great hope for the film version, because if the teaser trailer is any indicator it’s going dark. I LOVED The Deathly Hallows (it may in fact be my favorite book in the series) and I think by separating the long book into two movies there is a better chance of including all the important stuff. Because remember, this is the book where basically EVERYTHING happens, just the battle scene could easily take up 30 minutes (ask Lord of the Rings.) I just hope it sidesteps the “bogged down in the details” curse of the last couple of movies.

Thoughts? Concerns? Opinions on the Harry/Hermoine vs. Ron/Hermoine couplings?