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It staved off boredom during a bus ride to NYC.

So this weekend I was a bus warrior.  I traversed the route from New Hampshire to Boston and from Boston to NYC.  Along the way I battled boredom, hunger, and the weird smelly guy that always seems to want to sit next to me.  Thanks to this book, a granola bar and throwing bags on the seat next to me I survived.  Barely.  The latest addition to our Young Adult collection was riveting enough to keep me thoroughly entertained during this journey, and that speaks words in and of itself.  It also happens to be a wonderful book modeled after one of my all-time favorite Greek plays (and yes, I have all-time favorite Greek plays) Lysistrata.

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger is a book that focuses on the unique solution a few ingenious girls come up with for a heinous problem.  At Hamilton high school, the biggest rivalry is not with another school, but is between the football team and soccer team.  This rivalry has been going on for so long that no one on either team really knows why it started.  What they do know is that they love pranking and terrorizing each other beyond reasonable belief.  Who gets caught in the middle you may wonder?  The girlfriends.  Constantly ignored or shoved aside so that their boyfriends can continue this stupid feud.  They have had enough, especially when a freshman soccer player is seriously injured due to a prank.  Lissa, the girlfriend of the quarterback comes up with an ingenious plan in order to end the feud once and for all.  She convinces the girlfriends of all the players to go on a hookup strike.  Until the boys decide to be friends, they won’t get any action.  The plan seems to be working, but what happens when the boys start working together?  Will the hookup strike go on too long?  Or will the girls finally win back their boyfriends once and for all?