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Living in De-Nile

Hehe, De-Nile.  I have always wanted to use that and not hear people groan and say things like “Seriously?” and “That was so bad.”  And since you are all visiting me via the wonders of the Internet, no one can hear you groan in bad joke exasperation!  Victory is mine!  Speaking of victories, the book I read this weekend features a woman who was all about winning victories for the good of her subjects.  I am talking about the one, the only, Cleopatra.  This fine Egyptian babe was not always a babe, nor was she always destined to be a queen.  Girl had to fight some seriously deadly enemies, her own sisters, to get to the top spot as Queen of Egypt.

Cleopatra Confesses by Carolyn Meyer starts out when Cleopatra is just ten years old.  She is the third and favorite daughter of the current Pharaoh, King Ptolemy.  At ten she is nowhere near old enough to take over the throne, and her father has just come back from a year away in Rome.  He comes back with the news that Egypt is in deep debt to their neighbor to the north and the people will be taxed highly because of it.  This taxation starts a current of unhappiness that rocks the stability of the Egyptian monarchy.  There are a few exiles, a lot of changes in the throne room, and a few political murders as well.  Through all of this turmoil Cleopatra keeps her head and her cool and waits for the day when she and her father will rule side by side, just like he promised.  But when that day comes, will Cleopatra be able to save her people, or will her father ruin Egypt all over again?


Talk about your stunning historical fiction.  Cleopatra leaps of the page in this book and I was so please because of that.  She was portrayed not as a silly female flitting about yapping on about which Roman was the cutest, but as a strong, confident, intelligent female, which is the reality of Cleopatra.  It takes brains and guts to last through several overthrows, a rebellion, and to stand up and seduce the greatest Roman general of all times.  Following her journey from ten until her death allows the reader to really bond with Cleopatra.  You are drawn into the history in such a wonderful way that you cannot help but want to read more about her.  Carolyn Meyer does a wonderful job with historical fiction, and this is one amazing work that you can pick up today at the Tucker Free Library.