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Hunger Games News!

We have a trailer!  After all those teaser posters and the poster that burst into flames online we have an actual trailer!  I have to admit that I have been skeptical about this movie.  I did not know if they would do the book justice.  This trailer has given me hope.  watch and see what I mean:



It is pretty awesome.  And speaking of pretty, did you know that they are going to be releasing a Hunger Games nail polish collection?  I suppose it does tie into the image consciousness of the society of Hunger Games, but I just cannot see Katniss wearing a nail polish called “Catnip.”

I however, would totally rock “Fire in Flight.”  If you want to check out the full article, and see the release date, then check out the link below.

That is all for this Hunger Games filled news break.  We will get back to your regularly scheduled blog content now!