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Who missed me?

I missed you all!  It has been a hectic few months here at the Tucker Free.  So much changing and rearranging and other verbs that end in ‘ing.’  If you guys have not been recently you should stop by and visit to see how awesome we look now.  We are seriously pretty.  Like a princess.  And while you are here, you should probably check out some books.  You know that you can check out 25 items, right?  You are smart cookies, reading 25 books in a day or two should be no problem.  Then just return them and get 25 more!  Or you could be saner and get one at a time.  I should start doing that; my book pile is threatening to topple like a house of cards.  But there is one book that just came in, went straight to the top of my book pile and I now feel compelled to share it with all of you.  Orchards by Holly Thompson.  It is beautifully crafted, remarkably well written and was an absolute treat to read.

Orchards is the story of Kana Goldberg, a girl who is worried that the thoughtless comments she and her cliquey friends directed towards another girl contributed to her suicide.  Her parents decided to send her to her mother’s ancestral home in Japan to give her a chance to think about her actions.  She spends much of her time tending her family’s oranges and trying to fit in with a family who has never really accepted her non-Japanese father.  She starts to reflect upon her actions back in America when news about a friend from home sends her world spinning out of control for a second time.  It was and is truly a joy to read, so come to the Tucker Free Library and check it out for yourself!