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Corsets and the Underworld. Yay!

Alright, two new facts about your intrepid blog writer.  Fact number one: I was a HUGE fan of Greek mythology.  Huge.  Started reading it in 3rd grade and had it all memorized by the beginning of 4th grade.  I loved all the gods and goddesses and fights and romances and the creatures, especially the creatures.  Though I did want the Chimera for a pet instead of the Pegasus.  Enough of that, time for fact number 2: I love steampunk.  My college roommate got me into the world of steampunk and really, I am not going to say no to anything that allows me to wear a corset.  So there you have it, two new facts, revel in them.  Astonishingly enough, these two new facts match up rather nicely to two new books we just so happen to have at the Tucker Free Library!  So I will just go ahead and tell you about them now so when you come here and check them out you can be properly excited.

Meg Cabot is at it again with another stunning example of why she is just such a gosh darn good author.  Her latest, Abandon, takes its cues from the ancient Greek myth of Hades and Persephone.  Pierce, our heroine, has moved to her mom’s childhood island home to have a chance to start fresh.  Why does she need to start fresh you ask?  Well Pierce died and was then revived, and ever since her near death experience, she has been a little off.  Maybe it is because now she claims that she can see people who are truly evil and wants to protect everyone around her from this evil.  Maybe it is because she has had trouble focusing on academics when there are bigger problems in the world.  Maybe it is because of the tall, dark, mysterious man who tried to keep her in the Underworld as his bride who is now following her around.  Either way, her new life on the island is not going to be the fresh start she was looking for, it may in fact, be her ultimate end.

Corsets & Clockwork is one of those books that is awesome and wonderful because it is a compilation of short stories, 13 to be exact.  So you can sit and read all of them in a row or skip around to the ones that sound the most interesting or read every other one or do it alphabetically, really it doesn’t matter how you read them, you should just read them.  These stories will introduce you to 13 new authors, each with the own style and take on the world of steampunk.  You have a few airships, some clockwork people, a dash of magic, some explosives, a few examples of fine royalty and one flying 1950s T-Bird.  There are some true gems in this collection, and it is a wonderful way to become acquainted with the world of steampunk.