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Being normal is vastly overrated.

It really is!  I have never once been normal and it has worked out pretty well for me.  But I suppose that every once in a while you might not want to be a unique snowflake and instead blend in with the crowd.  That is exactly how Janie feels in the book ten miles past normal by Frances O’Roark Dowell.  See, Janie was once a proud unique snowflake who did not mind being one of a kind.  High school, however, can change a person’s mind very quickly.


Janie was nine when she convinced her family to give up their home in the suburbs and move to a farm.  There they raised goats and chickens and vegetables and created a self-sustaining life.  Janie’s mom even blogged about it.  All of her middle school friends thought it was pretty cool that she lived on a farm.  The people at the high school, not so much.  Going to school smelling like goat poop can put a serious damper on your social life.

Luckily for Janie, she has a wonderfully driven best friend, Sarah, who has a whole plan figured out for them.  The first part of her plan is to create a wonderful project for the only class they have together that will entice Sarah’s cooler older sister Emma to hang out with them.  Secondly, Janie and Sarah have to join the jam band so that they can flirt with the extremely attractive Justin.  The first part of the plan is easy; the second part is a wee bit trickier.  Thank goodness for Monster.  No really, his name is Monster, and he has a bass.  So all Janie has to do is learn the bass, convince her parents to give up the farm, keep her friends and complete a few insanely complicated assignments.  How hard can that be?