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There was a castle on the cover! And a pretty dress! And shiny flowers!

How was I supposed to ignore these beautifully girly trappings?  They cried out, “Read me!  I am full of fancy-pants frivolity!”  If there is one thing I cannot ignore, it is fancy-pants frivolity.  Especially when that frivolity is paired with my all-time hands down without a question favorite fairy tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  I know what you are all thinking, “How could this be?  She normally is all over books about monsters, and blood, and zombies!”  That is true, and as I wrote that sentence I was totally thinking The Twelve Dancing Princesses could be cool as The Twelve Dancing Zombie Princesses.  The fact of the matter is that once upon a time my love for zombies was surpassed by my love for princesses.  Mostly because I did not know what a zombie was when I was six.  But I digress; the book Entwined by Heather Dixon had me enraptured right from the start.  Dixon brought some of the old school Grimm horror to this tale without going overboard, and managed to somehow flesh out not only twelve princesses but a host of supporting characters as well.


We start out in a palace that is slightly run down on the eve of the Yuletide Ball.  Azalea has been looking forward to this night, for she is to host the ball and open the first dance with her Father, the King.  The only damper on the whole evening is that her mother is dreadfully ill.  We all see where this is going, right?  That evening the ball is closed in a hurry, the eleven sisters carted off to their quarters, and the king is in a foul mood.  Mostly because his wife has just died after giving birth to their twelfth daughter, Lily.  After her death, the King has to go off to war, but before he goes, he makes sure that the castle is in mourning.  Everyone wears black, the windows are covered, the girls must stay inside, and there is to be no dancing.  Not only are the princesses upset that they lost their mother, but now they are not allowed to dance.  That is until Azalea finds a secret passage way that leads to an underground ballroom where the girls can dance all night long.  The only problem is that the man trapped in this enchanted ballroom, The Keeper, juts might live up to his name.


Dancing, Magic, War, Adventure…Entwined has it all.  You could have it too; all you need to do is come to the Tucker Free Library and check it out for yourself!