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Graphic Novels

Big changes by Yabuki, Kentaro    

Boredom by Ohba, Tsugumi  

Cerberus strikes by Yabuki, Kentaro   

Confluence by Ohba, Tsugumi   

Contact by Ohba, Tsugumi   

Creed by Yabuki, Kentaro    

Dear friend by Yabuki, Kentaro    

Deletion by Ohba, Tsugumi    

Finis by Ohba, Tsugumi    

Give – and – take by Obha, Tsugumi    

Hard run by Ohba, Tsugumi    

Kindred spirit by Ohba, Tsugumi    

Love by Ohba, Tsugumi    

The man called Black Cat by Yabuki, Kentaro    

The new weapon by Yabuki, Kentaro    

One-day darling by Yabuki, Kentaro    

The price of happiness by Yabuki, Kentaro   

The promise by Yabuki, Kentaro    

Showdown at the old castle  by Yabuki, Kentaro   

Spark of revolution by Yabuki, Kentaro    

Target by Ohba, Tsugumi    

Time for Vengence by Yabuki, Kentaro  

What the living can do by Yabuki, Kentaro   

Whiteout by Ohba, Tsugumi   

Zero by Ohba, Tsugumi


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