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Book number two in the Delirium trilogy, Pandemonium.   It is almost as good as the first.  (I say almost, only because I love Alex.)   

This will not be like any of the other book review you have ever seen on this blog… Pandemonium demands defiance.  The entire Delirium world would not exist without defiance.

So here are a few things I loved about the book.

  1. Pandemonium illustrates Lena’s journey on both sides of the fence.  Lauren Oliver does an exceptional job creating two worlds inside one book.  Alternating chapters between then and now was a wonderful way to show the growth in Lena, and to explain current situations.
  2. There is a ton more action.  Lena’s journey is rough.  She proves she is one tough cookie.
  3. And a lot more love Lena keeps spreading the love.  She just can’t help it.
  4. Lena never forgets.  She may have moved on but she never forgets.  She is still so in love with Alex.  She knows what he has sacrificed for her.  She knows he has given her a special gift.  As she begins to fall for another she hesitates.  She knows the importance of love, and does not want to hurt anyone.  She is cautious while simply letting herself fall.
  5. Oh the ending… I want to read the book all over again, just so I can read the ending.  It was perfect.  I cannot wait for the final installment of the Delirium Trilogy.  Team Alex all the way!

Here are a few things I did not love about the book.

  1. Raven, why do you have to be so mean?  There is little insight into her life.  What has happened to make her the way she is?
  2. Stupid trilogies!  I want to know what happens now!!!  There are a lot of loose ends.  Lena’s story is so good I don’t want to wait for the final installment.  It must have some answers to the questions, and bring closure to Lena’s life.  It must!

Pandemonium. I don’t even know what else to say.  It was wonderful.  Together with Delirium, it is phenomenal.  If you haven’t read Delirium, you need to.  Then read Pandemonium.  But be warned, Lauren Oliver has not released the date for the final installment.  Trust me; you will want to know how it ends.


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