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Okay.  I have done a lot of research and they are calling Ashfall the new Hunger Games.  Of course there are similarities, but I would not call Ashfall the new Hunger Games.  For starters, I thoroughly enjoyed Ashfall, and while I LOVED the Hunger Games movie, I did not like the book.  I do, however, hope Ashfall becomes a wildly popular YA series, propelling it to be a multi-million dollar movie, because frankly this book deserves to be a movie.  If Hunger Games can make it to the big screen so can Ashfall. 

While this is a YA book, I see Ashfall: the movie as an R rated flick.  I’m sorry, but not all YA books turned movies have to be rated PG 13.  A lot of YA books are dark and dirty.  I want to see the words come to life, no need to tone it down.  The dark sections are what keep Ashfall realistic.  Ashfall: the Movie needs to be for the over 18 crowd.  It is a gruesome book, and the world is overdue for a good end of the world movie.  Shoot it documentary style, and people will love it.  There’s no need to cheese it up.  The facts will sell this movie.  Put “This could really happen” on the movie’s poster and people will flock to the theaters.  This could really happen?!?!  Enough said… that is terrifying!

Now, if I were to make the movie I would make the Alex and Darla just a couple of years older, college freshmen or something like that.  I would cast what’s his name from High School Musical, Zac Efron as Alex.  It is about time he gets dirty.  He has done too many love stories, as far as I’m concerned. This role would totally put a major spike in his popularity chart, and he needs it.  Who for Darla… How about Dakota Fanning or Chloë Grace Moretz or AnnaSophia Robb?  Can’t quite decide…

For now, we have no idea if Ashfall will even be made into a movie. So, we are left to our dreams and imaginations. In October, Ashen Winter is released.

It better be good.  Otherwise, Mike Mullin can kiss a movie deal good bye.


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