YourSpace at Tucker Free Library

The next installment of your favorite series doesn’t come out for another three months, and you want to read now! But you don’t know what to read!  Well, there’s an app for that!

Yes, not only can you listen to MP3 versions of your favorite books on your iPhone, you can use it to get lists of the newest books and media for young adults.

Not only can you read eBooks on your iPad, but you can create list of your favorite books, and tweet the list to all of your friends.

The app is the Teen Book Finder.  Anyone with an Apple device should visit the Apple App Store and download the Teen Book Finder (  It runs on iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

This FREE app highlights books and media from YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association).

Some of the features include browsing three Hot Pick lists, a Teens’ Top Ten, and Find It! and Favorite buttons.  The Find It! button will show you if your local library has the book.  Use the Favorites button to create an individualized reading list.  Plus you will have the ability to share books from the Teen Book Finder on Twitter and Facebook.

With this app you will never have to wonder what to read while waiting for the final Delirium novel or the next in the Cinder trilogy.  Once you find a book, visit New Hampshire Overdrive ( to download an audio or eBook for free.

With the app and New Hampshire Overdrive, you will be reading non stop.  Plus, the time passes faster while reading.  Stop staring at the calendar!  Read an eBook or listen to an audiobook today!


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