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Oh the wonderful, exciting, euphoric feelings of being in love.  Who doesn’t love love?

However, remember the flip side.  The magnificent feelings of being in love also bring anxiety, fear, and insecurity.  Are the glorious feelings of being in love worth the heartache?

The delirious feelings of being in love make us forget the insecure feelings of falling in love.  Over time the anxiety fades, and trust sets in.  And so begins Lauren Oliver’s new trilogy, Delirium.

The Delirium Trilogy begin with Delirium.  Magdalena (Lena) Ella Haloway, will never experience falling in love.  Lena lives in a futuristic society that looks like modern day, but with no love.  At the age of 18 each member of society undergoes the process of being cured.  The government has proven that love is a disease, amor deliria nervosa, and it must be abolished.  The government has control over everything, deeming certain types of music and movies inappropriate for their society.

Lena is about to turn 18 and cannot wait to be cured.  She has seen the effects of the disease, and does not want it to take over her life.  She willingly goes along with the process of being matched and evaluate.  Lena knows the most important day of her life is her evaluation day.  Once Lena has her results she will know who she will marry, where they will live, and how much money they will make a year.  She will even know how many children she will have.  Love will not be a factor.  She does not have to love her husband or her children.  She will be obligated to fulfill certain duties and that is that.

That is until Lena completely bombs her evaluation and delivery truck confusion allow her to take her evaluations again.  Also, her friend Hana, dares her to join her at an illegal party.  Boys and girls will be hanging out together listening to banded music after curfew.  To Lena this all spells disaster. Lena’s curiosity and desire to prove Hana wrong win.  She sneaks out of her house, and what she sees and feels at the party change her forever.

She listens to forbidden music, is shocked by boys and girls dancing together, and meets Alex… again. Lena thought Alex was just another security guard.  That night she learns Alex has something to hide.  Agreeing to meet Alex the next day, start Lena’s suspicions about the disease.

Needless to say Alex has a lot to tell Lena.  Through Alex, Lena learns that her world has never been what she has imagined.

Delirium will take you from the anxious first meeting of Alex and Lena to their love creating a trust stronger than any government’s rules or regulations.  Delirium will have you questioning the realistic qualities of love, while rejuvenating your passion for everything you love.  The process of being cured, removes the opportunity to love anything.  Lena has been going through her life blind.  Not allowing herself to fully enjoy anything.  Why love running, sunsets, or Hana if one day it won’t even matter?  Lena decides it matters and it matters a lot.  While loving another person requires a lot of trust, Lena discovers she would rather take a chance on love, than live blind for another day.

Lauren Oliver does an amazing job creating this alternate, but realistic society.  The thoughts and feelings of Lena are so relatable, but yet unimaginable. However, Lauren Oliver will leave you wondering if love really is a disease.  Was Lena really wise to subject herself to the tortures of living with love?

We will find out in the second book of the Delirium Trilogy, Pandemonium.


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