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But is it still a fairytale if there are no fairies?

Cinder.  Where to begin?  There are so many things I would like to say about this book.  For starters; fairytale re-tell, romance, and life in the future.  How does that sound?  Pretty darn good if you ask me.

Cinder is a fairytale re-tell of Cinderella, the first in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. There are step-sisters, a step-mother, a prince, and an evil queen.  Cinder even leaves something as she exits the ball in a hurry, but I won’t say what.  (Hint: It is more than just her shoe!)

There are no fairies, no talking mice, but she is required to clean everything and complete her chores.  Fairy godmothers and talking mice are replaced by helpful androids and distant communications with people living on the moon.

Cinder lives in the future, where the world is broken down into confederations.  Cinder lives in New Beijing.  Their king has contacted a deadly plague, and everyone is looking for a cure.  The main plot is focused around finding a cure.  All subplots eventually relate back to the deadly plague.  And that is where the twists begin.  Yes, twists.  The story is slightly predictable, (You know what is going to happen if you know he story of Cinderella) but that is okay.  Cinder has enough twist and turns, and what the…’s to keep it interesting.  The differences are what keep you involved.

Marissa Meyer writes a wonderful modern story from the structure of a classic.  That quote should be on the cover of the book! It is true!  Marissa Meyer creates a world with hover crafts and helpful androids, while reminding us why we love Cinderella in the first place… the romance!

Now the romance!  Cinder is a kind decent character who only wants to be shown a little respect.  When she meets the prince at the market, she is taken aback by how respectful he is to her.  But he doesn’t know the truth.  Cinder is convinced when he realizes the truth he will not be so respectful.  Maybe he won’t care, because he has fallen in love with her.  Cinder does not think she is worthy of anyone’s love.  By the time Cinder realizes her importance, it may be too late for her and the prince.  The evil queen may have gotten to her already.  Or can Cinder escape before anyone learns the truth?  Maybe, just maybe, Cinder doesn’t even know the truth!

At the very end of the book, the ends are tied together.  Well… Kinda.  This is just the beginning for Cinder.  There are three more novels yet to be released in the Lunar Chronicles.  I guess we will have to wait to find out if Cinder and the prince get their happy ending.


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