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To state the obvious, it’s summer.  Time to don the shades, gas up the vehicle and drive off into the great wide open.  Or maybe not.  So you can’t road trip this summer, eh?  So you’re stuck at home, watching paint dry and grass grow?  And you’re bored you say?! Bored?!  How can you be bored?!  You have the LIBRARY at your disposal!  We are full of one thing and one thing only, entertainment!  So this summer, instead of just laying outside talking about all the things you could be doing but aren’t, grab a few tomes from the Tucker Free and read.  Read about murder and love and parties and road trips and fights and heartache and triumph and zombies.  Then plan.  And when the time comes and your adventure begins, you have some practical, or not so practical, bookish advice to follow!  While others complained, you sought to better yourself through books, and trust me, when someone says, “I know what to do, I read it in a book!”  others listen.  To start you off on your summer knowledge quest (doesn’t that sound fancy!?), I present for your reading enjoyment, Pretty Bad Things.


Pretty Bad Things is the debut book of one Ms. C.J. Skuse.  She loves Gummi Bears (does not specify whether candy or cartoon) and hates carnivals.  This puts her on pretty solid ground with me, though I wish she would clarify her stance on zombies.  She writes of the tale of Paisley and Beau, whose lives to this point have been filled with great woe (I promise the rest of this review will not rhyme.)  Their mom was an abusive alcoholic and their dad robbed a hotel at gunpoint and was put in jail.  The robbery happened around the time that their mom died of an overdose and they were wandering around the woods looking for him.  So their wicked, and I mean wicked, Grandmother takes them in and milks their fame for all its worth.  Paisley and Beau work the circuit of TV shows and endorsements until their Grandmother has a nice lump sum of money to spend on her Botox and Prada.  Paisley becomes temperamental and gets shipped from boarding school to boarding school.  Beau is wasting away in the prison of a house that is their Grandmother’s.  That is until Beau finds a letter one day.  A letter from their father, recently released and waiting in Nevada.  Now Paisley and Beau just need to be able to figure out exactly where he is and how to get to him.  It looks like their best option might just be getting back into the public eye, only this time in a less legal fashion.

Borrow it.  Read it.  Love it.  Borrow it again.  Just don’t go to Vegas and rob a store.  Really.  I’m not going to bail you out.  Again.


Comments on: "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing…" (1)

  1. I’m more of a fan of zombies than I am vamps or werewolves, just as long as they’re slow and stumbly, not fast and bitey ; )

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