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Evil. Danger. Adventure. Friends you can trust. Friends you can’t. This is what 15-year-old Max Gordon has to face in David Gilman’s Devil’s Breath. But if there’s anyone who can stay alive when the evilest, most powerful man alive wants him dead, it’s Max. From the rigorous Dartmoor High, a school designed to turn out quick-witted, fleet-footed men, Max is strong, smart, and knows how to conquer his fear. More than that, he is Tom Gordon’s son. Tom, a man respected by all for his intelligence, bravery, and fairness, will face down blood-thirsty pirates to save his son. But now it’s his turn to be saved.

We meet Max’s assassin first. Turns out bumping off a kid wasn’t such an easy job after all. But it won’t be the last time Max only just escapes with his life. Reporting the attack to the school officials, he learns the horrifying news: His father has disappeared. Coincidence? Hardly. Despite the risks, Max is the only one with the courage and insight to save him. Instead of flying safely to Canada the way his headmaster wanted, Max slips onto a plane to South Africa. He thinks he’s escaped, but he no sooner gets off his connection to Namibia than he’s fighting off hired thugs, only two of many determined to destroy him before he learns the ugly secret that may have cost his father’s life.

Max has good people on his side: Sayid, Max’s computer wizard friend back at Dartmoor who can crack the toughest computer code. Kallie, the gorgeous 17-year-old pilot who happens to be as brilliant and indestructable as Max himself. And !Koga, the indispensable Bushman with unusual motives for saving Max’s life again and again.

But can everyone be trusted? Are the so-called friends and enemies who they seem? When every minute brings a new danger to be fought off with brawn and brains, there’s no time to ask who the true friends are. It’s all up to Max.

Max barely has time to wipe the blood from his eyes before the next attack is upon him. But with luck, a few good friends, and most of all his own strength, Max survives struggle after struggle. If action-packed isn’t enough to keep you reading, Devil’s Breath offers suspense, forces for good and evil, and a glimpse into the harsh world of one African country.


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