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Percy Jackson!

So any Percy Jackson and the Olympian fans? I recently started reading the series (I’ll admit it, after seeing a really cool looking preview for The Lighting Thief) and I have really been enjoying it (I’m currently halfway through the fourth book.) I find the dynamic between Percy and Annabeth really interesting, I love all the characters (even Clarisse, and Luke [[surprisingly]]) and I have really been enjoying how Rick Riordan weaves Greek mythology into an exciting adventure story. (A particular favorite of mine was Medusa popping up at a bizarre roadside antique store/fast food diner/stone sculpture place in The Lighting Thief). I’m really excited about  seeing how Riordan ties everything up in the fifth and final book, The Last Olympian, although I must confess much like reaching the final Harry Potter book (The Deathly Hallows, I don’t want this series to end.

Incidentally, I am insanely excited for the movie (out February 12th) because I really feel this is a series which would lend itself nicely to film. (and the previews look awesome! Although I kind of wish that Annabeth had blonde hair, like she does in the books.)



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