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Twilight–The Graphic Novel

There’s a Twilight graphic novel on the way. Check out Entertainment Weekly for an exclusive sneak peek of the book (cover, excerpt, artwork), as well as a short interview with Stephenie Meyers. 

They have also released a new poster for the movie version of the first book in Rick Riordan’s popular Percy Jackson series, The Lightning Thief. The movie version hits theatres on February 12th. I for one am very excited about this, having just finished reading The Lightning Thief  I think it’s a book which will really translate well to a movie. (And yes, I’m optimistic despite the fact that it’s directed by the same guy who did Harry Potter I/II, which you guys know are not “books to movies” I’m especially fond of.) 



Comments on: "Twilight–The Graphic Novel" (2)

  1. the twilight picture are real neat and twilight is one of the most wonderful book ever written,its a master piece of awsomeness best book ever created in the history vampire books:)

  2. I realy like Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief

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