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I found a post about casting for It’s Kind of a Funny Story at Entertainment Weekly. I recently read Ned Vizzini’s book (which came highly recommended from another Youth Services librarian) and I absolutely loved it. I was actually going to post a book review but once I sat down to write a review I found it was one of those books which is really hard to explain.  It centers around a suicidal teenage boy who ends up (unknowingly) checking into an adult mental institution, finding himself completely overwhelmed by his highly competitive school and life in general. I know, I know it sounds totally depressing but I urge everyone to read. It’s not actually as dismal as you imagine it will be, and I found Craig (the main character) refreshingly relatable (all things considered.)   

Keir Gilchrist will play Craig

Emma Roberts (Julie’s niece for those of you in the know) is playing another patient in the ward (and future love interest)


As is Zach Galifianakis (of The Hangover fame.) Is that not perfect casting? I’ve always thought he looks like a mental patient!

 Has anyone else read It’s Kind of a Funny Story? If you have than you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say, I really want one of Craig’s brain maps to frame and hang in my apartment. Even the book cover is beautiful (see above.) 



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