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After consulting others, I think that Alex Pettyfer would be a great choice for Jace.  He looks tough and intense in a way I pictured Jace (plus, he’s golden blonde! And look at those arms! Those are shadow hunter arms!)  









I had no idea who Garrett Hedlund was, but after he was suggested I think he would also make a really great Jace. In fact, on second thought he might be my first choice, as he seems less angelic and more rough and tumble in a way I think Jace would be (what with the demon blood pulsing through his veins)







I found this great fan video casting everyone and I thought it was spot on! Emma Roberts as Clary! I had never seen Emma with red hair before, she looks perfect!


(Picture Emma with hair a little more red than it is here, but this gives you an idea.) I think she blends the “normal” girl with the girl she is destined to become nicely. I can picture her hanging out at Simon’s house just as easily as I can see her saving Simon (again).




Simmone Jade Mackinnon IS Jocelyn for me!




However, then it got to Daniel Craig as Valentine, which I had some initial hesitation about. But after a few minutes I thought this actually worked. Valentine was supposed to be handsome and good look (which the new 007 certainly is) but also cold and sinister and I think Daniel Craig could actually pull that off really well.


However, I just can’t get on board with  Oliver James as Magnus Bane…I mean he’s supposed to be 800 years old (even if he doesn’t look it!) And I get that Oliver has spiky hair, but he looks 12!

Anyway, check the video out here


I also found a site with some really great fan art. 




Like this City of Bones movie poster which I absolutely love. Check out the rest of the site here


Comments on: "Mortal Instruments Casting: Jace and Clary" (9)

  1. what about simon, isabelle, alec, hodge and luke they are important people in the books to just not as important then jace, clary, joceyln, and valintine i was just wondering who you would pick for them it would be interesting to read.

    • tuckerfreelibrary said:

      In my earlier post I cast most everyone else (although come to think of it I might not have included Alec, he’s always been really hard for me to picture.)

      What about you? Any ideas on who you’d cast?

      Suggestions on Alec? Or Valentine?

  2. I think Scott Patterson should be Luke! He would be perfect!

    • tuckerfreelibrary said:

      I totally agree! In my earlier post on Mortal Instruments casting I totally included Luke as Scott Patterson! YAY!

  3. I heard that he was quite keen do a Home and Away appearence! :O. do you know if this is true? There’s a part of me that sort of wishes this is true lol.

  4. tuckerfreelibrary said:

    I’m not sure about this….If I hear anything, I’ll let you know!

  5. I believe the best Jace would be Robert Pattinson… he has the looks the bod and everything….

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