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Incidentally, I just started reading The Mortal Instrument series (I’m almost done with the first book,  City of Bones) and I was really excited to discover they are making the book series into movies.  I have really been enjoying the book; it’s just the right blend of mythology, adventure, romance and characters you really grow to care about.  Anyone read it?  What are your thoughts?   For the last few days, since the I discovered they are making the books into movies, I have been plagued with casting thoughts.  Who would make the best Jace? (someone blonde obviously)  What about Isabelle?  Simon?  Here are my thoughts…I’d love to hear yours!

Strangely enough for Isabelle I pictured Kate Bosworth. With dark hair.  She is just so tiny and has that fairy queen porcelain skin look to her.  She’s ethereal in a way that I think captures Isabelle.  Like the dark hair Kate sported in 21, only long and not a bob.

Simon is the tortured best friend harboring the unrequited love.  He screamed Adam Brody to me, all gangly limps, and quirky witticisms.  But I’m thinking Adam Brody circa the Seth Cohen/OC days.

For Luke (and I’m not sure if this is because the name Luke immediately made me think of Luke from Gilmore Girls) I pictured Scott Patterson. I thought he was rugged and had that laid back “sort of kind of dad figure but not actually a dad” vibe that I got from Luke.  Plus, I think he makes a believable part Wolf.

Every time I saw Hodge in my mind I immediately thought of that guy from NCIS. And I don’t even watch NCIS.  It’s the tweed. I’ve watched enough NCIS tv spots to pick up on the large amount of tweed this guy wears.  He is SO Hodge in my mind.

Look! He’s even wearing TWEED in the first picture I found of him!

Curiously, the two characters I’m having the hardest time mentally casting are Jace and Clary.  Give me a few days.  Or send me some suggestions.


Comments on: "City of Bones: Martha’s Mental Casting" (5)

  1. actually, it’s isabelle lol oh well and the perfect jace for me would be gerrett hedlund,,, i dont know why but i think he is THE JACE,,, what do you think? an for isabelle, should be summer glau, for alec, should be gaspard ulliel and for clary! she should be played by alexz johnson,,,, thanks!

  2. tuckerfreelibrary said:

    Thanks for catching that typo for me! After reading your comment I went and did a google search on Garrett Hedlund (as I must confess, I had no idea who he was!) And I think he’d make a perfect Jace! As a Serenity fan I do know who Summer Glau is and I can see her as Isabelle (only I still think someone who looks a bit more like a porcelain doll would work too [which is where my Kate Bosworth idea came from]) I like Gaspard Ulliel for Alex (as long as his hair is BLACK) and again, had no idea who Alexz Johnson is but I found some pictures of her with red hair and she’d make a great Clary. I’m going to finally post my castings for Clary, Jace and the rest of the crew I missed on the first round and we can compare.
    I’m just finishing City of Glass, have you read all the books? Are you excited about the movie(s) coming out?

  3. katherine said:

    I really liked your Simon and I too had pictured Luke as the same Luke as the one from Gilmore Girls. I think that this is how raphael looks like . I think clary looks a little like Lily Cole and isabelle looks like like ashley green. i sooo agree with gerrett hedlund, I really dont like Alex Pettyfer who everyone is saying should be jace. I do like Alexz Johnson for clary though. I dont like gaspard ulliel though.

    • tuckerfreelibrary said:

      That’s awesome! I thought I was the only one who pictured Luke as THE Luke from Gilmore Girls! I think your Raphael is PERFECT! Seriously! Who is that?
      Yeah, Alex Pettyfer just isn’t Jace for me (although I do think he works as Kyle in “Beastly”. Have you read that?) I really hope they decide to go with Gerrett Hedlund instead.
      Have you heard she’s writing another Moral Instruments book? I’m EXCITED!

  4. katherine said:

    Unforunatly my raphael isn’t actually an actor, he’s just someone in my school who also is called raphael. I haven’t read beastly but i will! I heard she was writing another book but i think its a new series, not one with clary and jace. Oh well!

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